Media Innovation

Mediaplus is the innovation agency for brand-specific media. This means that every brand is individually viewed in the context of its market, consumers and media environment, and advised accordingly. We align ourselves with the latest digital and media-related developments, enabling us to rise above the communications-related background noise.

Innovation is a significant driver behind our long-term success and differentiates the Mediaplus Group from the rest of the agency market. Every employee is encouraged to incorporate his or her own solutions, ideas and creativity. To this end, we create a motivating atmosphere which in turn enables us to continuously innovate for all our clients.

• We teach the power to innovate, the “ability”, both in practice and in workshops on creative methods.

• We create the freedom to innovate, the “permission”, through flat hierarchies, open discussion groups and the opportunity to act autonomously and bring ideas to the table.

• We promote readiness to innovate, the “desire”, through an open information policy and by getting all employees involved in the innovation process.


Sophie Vanderwinkel

Managing Director

+32 (0)2 774 01 00