Performance Marketing

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Paid search engine advertising (SEA) is a key component of every e-commerce strategy. There are many reasons to ensure representation with differentiated brand and product adverts on search engines like Google, Bing and the also auction-based Google Display Network (GDN), as well as feed-based marketplaces like Google Shopping. This lets search engines deliver the most relevant traffic, with strong conversion rates, thus achieving the highest proportion of revenue of all digital channels. Furthermore, intelligent management of SEA campaigns can address and meet the existing potential demand in the market in a targeted manner. In an ideal customer journey, the search engine does not just play an active role in conversion, but acts as a preparatory channel as well. This is why it is particularly important to us to always view SEA as part of online marketing as a whole. The shift in user behaviour towards mobile and the varied targeting and remarketing opportunities also increase the demands placed on the conception, implementation and optimisation of efficient SEA campaigns. In particular, automation in subsections of search engine marketing leads to significant changes in roles and responsibilities. This makes close interaction with Digital Asset Optimisation (SEO and data feed optimisation) part of our everyday business.

Our services:

• Search Engine Advertising
• Programmatic Advertising
• Amazon Advertising
• Account Auditing
• Google Analytics
• Reporting Dashboards
• Search Consulting
• Data-feed Management

Our expertise and our wide-ranging contacts with marketers and networks help to build quality partnerships and therefore to implement our clients’ marketing strategies in a campaign-driven way. As well as defining the relevant KPIs for our clients in a general sense, we find and evaluate the affiliate network that is right for the client’s individual objectives and sectors – always with an eye on the strategy: whether public, with many partners, or private with just a few high-value partners. We integrate the right publisher segments that impact across the whole funnel, from raising awareness among new customers to reactivation of existing customers. Thanks to technology within the networks and using tools programmed in-house, we evaluate overall performance on the customer journey and marketer performance in terms of quality, cost effectiveness and the interaction between both these performances in multi-channel marketing.

Programmatic Media

Mediaplus and Mediascale have combined their competencies in programmatic marketing. This close cooperation between media, business intelligence, and design agencies in the various Houses of Communication significantly increases the success of programmatic campaigns. 


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Managing Director

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